Invoking an arrow function through 'call'

Question | Jul 8, 2019 | hkumar 

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This question tests your understanding of this inside an arrow function. Market Capitalization or "Market Cap" of a company is total market value of its outstanding shares. A company's Market Cap is calculated by multiplying company's current stock price by its outstanding shares. We have 2 objects IBM and MSFT representing stocks of IBM (International Business Machines) and Microsoft. IBM and MSFT objects contain the stock price and shares outstanding (in Millions):

let IBM = { price: 140.0, 
            sharesOutstanding: 1000 // Shares in Millions          

let MSFT = { price: 125.0, 
             sharesOutstanding: 8000 // Shares in Millions          

A function createMarketCapCalculator returns a Market Cap calculator arrow function for a stock object when invoked through call (or apply):

// Returns a market cap calculator 
function createMarketCapCalculator() {
  // Calculates Market Cap in Millions
  return () => this.price * this.sharesOutstanding;

We create a Market Cap calculator for MSFT:

// Create a Market Cap Calculator for MSFT
let calcMarketCap =; 

But invoke that calculator on IBM through call:

// Invoke the MSFT Market Cap Calculator through 'call' for IBM

What would be the output?