Pointer arithmetic on base class pointer

Question | Jul 30, 2019 | jmiller 

A class Circle inherits class Shape as follows:

class Shape {
  //.. methods ..
 int centerX=0, centerY=0;

class Circle : public Shape {
  //.. methods ..
 int radius=0;

An array of Circles is defined and a base class pointer is pointed to the first element in the array:

Circle circles[2];    
Shape* ptrShape0 = &circles[0];

The illustration below depicts the relations between Shape and Circle, and also where the ptrShape0 is pointing in the array circles:

enter image description here

Another base class (Shape) pointer, ptrShape1, is initialized by incrementing ptrShape0 as follows:

auto ptrShape1 = ptrShape0 + 1;

Which one of the following expressions will return true?