Function pointer to an instance of a function template

Question | Aug 12, 2019 | jmiller 

A C++ pointer variable that stores the address of a function is called a function pointer. Can we create a function pointer to a function template also, or are function pointers only limited to non-template functions? The answer is that we can create a function pointer to an instance of a function template. Strictly speaking, a function template itself is not a function but a template to many possible function instances.

Let's look at one function template:

template<typename From, typename To>
To Convert(const From& f) {
    return To(f);

Convert can be instantiated and called as:

std::cout << Convert<double,int>(10.5) << "\n"; // prints 10    
std::cout << Convert<int,char>(65) << "\n"; // prints A    

Suppose we want to create a function pointer fPtr to Convert< double, int >, which is an instance of Convert, so we can invoke fPtr like this:

std::cout << fPtr(10.5) << "\n"; // prints 10    

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