Identify which class data members are not accessible in a method

Question | Jan 3, 2017 | hkumar 

Let us take an example of private inheritance and inner class. Classes Car and Vehicle are related by private inheritance. Car also has an inner class/struct SpeedoMeter and a private instance of it.

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class Vehicle {
  //..public interface and constructor
  std::string color_;
  std::string manufacturer_;
  int identifier_;

class Car : Vehicle {
  // ..public interface and constructor
  void PrintInfo() {
      /* ... access and print attributes
             color_, numOfDoors etc..
  struct SpeedoMeter {
    // ... constructor ..
    double mileage_;

  SpeedoMeter speedoMeter_;
  int numOfDoors_;
  std::string model_;

The public method Car::PrintInfo is supposed to log all the properties of Car. Identify below all the properties or data members that are not accessible from method Car::PrintInfo: