Copy construction and assignment do not copy virtual table pointer

Question | Nov 24, 2015 | nextptr 

User-defined and non-trivial implicit implementation of copy constructor and assignment operator in C++ do not copy virtual table pointer from source object. In brief - copy does not change the type of an object.
Perhaps a better way to explain this concept is to ask a question:

class Vehicle {
    Vehicle(int wheels):wheels(wheels){}
    virtual void ToString() {
        std::cout << "A " << wheels << " wheels vehicle\n";
    int wheels;

class Car : public Vehicle {
    Car(const char* model):Vehicle(4), model(model){}
    void ToString() {
        std::cout <<  model << "\n";
    const char* model;

Vehicle* pV = new Vehicle(2);
Vehicle* pC = new Car("VW Beetle");

// Note: Following assignment would not copy vptr from *pC to *pV.
*pV = *pC;

What do you think would be printed?